Nylon case, unique lanyard design 384*288, 640*480 two resolutions 12μm military-grade detector, NETD30mK 6000 mAh large battery pack, can last 12 hours SONY 0.39 inch OLED display, resolution 1024*768 Five display modes: white hot, black hot, red hot, fusion and defog 1000m LRF, hot trace, photo, video, WIFI 128G memory expansion, APP availableCan be connected to external screen handle and cloud platformx1/x2/x4/ X8 HD custom made lens, 15/19/25/35mm Trouble-free operation from - 30C to 50C

  • Commodity name: GS-03/06LRF
  • Product Details:
  • 产品描述
  • GS-说明书-英文_00(1).jpg


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